Ship for Summer of 2000

I love this little Viking hugging the rudder handle.

A look a the carving detail on the stern.

This is a clear view of the whole ship.
See skipper Jan in the green vest right in front of the mast.

View from on deck. See all the working Vikings.

I plan to build my office here. I think there is enough room. I will sit so I have one knee on each side of the bolt nut.
I tried it. Works fine. Just needs a table top, a pad for the chair seat and a chair back.
Note the crack in the rib. That may get repaired over the winter.

View of the back of my office. Lots of room. Very dry and covered.

One oar out. The oars are big, but they seem to work fine. The oar holes seem a bit small. I think the oars need to be able to go back to 45 degrees. These were only able to go back about 30. I think the oar holes need to be enlarged.

Figure head.


Front of ship.

Checking out the length of the oars for roof rafters.