This is a translation of the text written above the Island of Vinland from the Vinland map.

("By God's will, after a long voyage from the island of Greenland to the south toward the most distant remaining parts of the western ocean sea, sailing southward amidst the ice, the companions Bjarni and Leif Eiriksson discovered a new land, extremely fertile and even having vines, the which island they named Vinland. Eric [Henricus], legate of the Apostolic See and bishop of Greenland and the neighboring regions, arrived in this truly vast and very rich land, in the name Almighty God, in the last year of our most blessed father Pascal, remained a long time in both summer and winter, and later returned northeastward toward Greenland and then proceeded [i.e home to Europe?] in most humble obedience to the will of his Superior.")

Two historical events are here described: first, a voyage of discovery by Bjarni [no patronymic] and Leif Eiriksson "southward" from Greenland to Vinland; and second, a visit to Vinland by Bishop Eirik [Gnupsson] in a specified year, viz. A.D. 1117, his stay in the country, and his return.

From Page 140 of the book titled "The Vinland map and the Tartar Relations", Written by: Skelton, Marston and Painter.

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