Marion Dahm - Viking Research & Exploration

Marion Dahm died in 2006. I will miss him.

Viking Research & Exploration From Years of 1000 to 1362

Rt. 1 #60

Chokio, MN 56221

Viking heat shield stones

 Marion took me to a cemetery where the road post were made from two stones found in a local bog. He says these stone look like the heat shield stones used by the Vikings in front of their iron making furnaces.  Complete with holes to peek through to see how the iron is doing.

300 Viking mooring stone holes.

Marion has also witnessed over 300 Viking mooring stone holes.  Every time he gives a talk, someone comes up to him a tells him of another mooring stone hole they know about on their farm.  Almost all of the ones I have see are about half way up a hillside.  Set into solid stone.

Two rune stones waiting to be found.

Here are two stores I feel worth the telling....

The hired man is sick and laying behind the kitchen stove reading the paper.  The paper has a picture of the newly found Kensington Rune stone.  The hired man says to the farmer.  "This looks just like the stone we tossed down the old well last summer."  The farmer looks and says. "It sure does.  We should dig it up next spring."  As luck would have it, both the hired man and the farmer die that winter.  The only person still alive who heard the conversion was the ten year old son of the farmer.  It is now 70 years latter, the son hears Marion talk and tells him about the Rune stone.  A few years pass and a dig is done in the old well.  When they get to the bottom it is the wrong old well.  The well they dug was 30 years too young.  A few more years pass.  Now the farm is owned by the Dept. of Natural Resources.  They will not let him dig.  Marion knows where the older well is.  It is about thirty feet from the newer well.

Marion showed me a very old map.  It had a lake on it called "Dead Man Lake".  There once was a Rune stone on an island of this lake. Neither the island or the stone have been found so far.  Also this lake or one near it had a ship appear one time after a storm about 100 years ago.

   Grave of 12 Vikings.  This was doused by Howard Burtness in Spring Grove MN.  If you would like to talk to him he can be contacted at his home:  Howard Burtness  306 3rd. Av. NW  Spring Grove, Minn. 55974-1209  507-498-3405

Another fellow doing dousing research in the same area is:  Orval D. Friedrich  217 Grove St.  Elma, IA 50628  515-393-2427  Orval has also self published papers on his research.

None of these three people have internet access.  You have to contact them the old way.  Phone or mail.